3 Different types of Cigars cutters

How you cut your cigars and the different types of cutters can make the difference between having a good smoke or ruining your cigar and day. Therefor here are 3 different types of cigar cutters to help you find the one that fits your needs.

Guillotine/Straight Cutters

The guillotine is one of the most famous cutter. There is two types the single blade guillotine, which is more basic and cheaper, and the double blade that has a more precise and cleaner cut. In both cases you need to make sure that the blades are sharp.

To use a straight cutter you need to place the cutter on the curved end of the cigar the cutting action needs. to be quick and firm.

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Cigar scissors

Some people personal favorite cutter is the Cigar scissor because it provides control over the blade and a nice clean cut. Sometimes it can be used to cut down the end of the cigar if you don't have enough time to finish it or to clean the cut.

To properly cut with scissors you want to press down on the cigar as you cutting it. The reason for this is that the scissors cutting action wants to move the blade away from the cigar, and by pressing down you give it a nice clean cut.

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Wedge Cutter/V-Cutter

The V-cutter has a unique type of cut, this v-cut lowers the risk of cutting too deep into your cigar but also provides a generous surface area that allows you to draw sufficient air. This kind of cutter works particularly well on cigars which have a smaller circumference, giving it a bigger surface area and more flavor.

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