3 Different types of Humidors

If you're looking to purchase a new humidor, firstly you have got to choose what type of humidor fits your needs.

Personal humidor

This is the most common humidor that can hold from 20 up to 70 cigars. Having a few of these humidors can be helpful for storing different brands or even aged vs. new cigars. Cigars of different types should be separated so their flavors and aromas don’t engrave on each other.

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Personal Humidor

Travel humidor

Vacation is the best time to smoke your stogies. To prevent your cigars from getting damaged or crushed when you’re packing them you put them in a travel humidor compact and made of durable materials.

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Travel Humidor

Cabinets humidor

If you have been on a cigar shop you probably have seen one of these. You can also find them in private homes coming across as furniture. A Cabinet Humidor is the Holy Grail for storing Cigars. The Cabinets are capable of storing from 500 up to 5000.

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Cabinet Humidor