3 different ways to light your Cigar

When choosing how you are going to light your stogie there are a couple of things you've got to have in mind. If you are smoking, indoors or outdoor, is going to affect the way you light your cigar. So here at Lounge 87 we present you 3 different ways to light your Cigar.

Butane Lighter

Butane Lighters are the most common way to light cigars. Butane is a relatively odorless chemical that doesn’t affect the cigar’s flavor. There are a lot of different types of butane lighters. Some have a wind resistant torch that will light your cigar quickly. Rather than a simple disposable lighter will take much more time to spark a cigar and get hot.

Wooden Matches

Wooden Matches are cheap and easy to find. Some people prefer to use wooden matches rather than lighters. That's because of the control that the wooden matches flame provides. The only two problems is that you might need to go through a lot of matches before you can light your cigar. And also is not practical to use them outdoor because of the wind.

When using wooden matches you need to wait until the sulphur tip has burned away, otherwise you can affect the cigar’s flavour.

Cedar Spills

Cedar Spills is the most traditional way to light a cigar. Some cigar enthusiasts prefer to use this method due to the being made from a natural substance. This gives an enjoyable essence and purer flavor.
But has the same problems as the matches. Is difficult to use them outdoors, and it takes sometime to light the cigar.