3 best ways to make clear ice

There are a few reasons why you should make Clear ice, and no is not only the looks. Clear ice melt slower than cloudy because the former is more compact due to the lack of air bubbles within. This leads to a slower rate of dilution Also, it is rid of its impurities, so you don’t have any unpleasant flavors that came from the freezer or the mineral taste from the water.

Clear Ice Cube Maker Machine

The clear ice cuber maker machine produces 28 pounds of clear ice a day .After plugging in, the first batch of fresh clear ice takes up to 15 minutes to be produced.

Clear Ice Ball Maker Mold

The Crystal Clear Ice Ball Maker mold is the perfect choice to make clear ice in 24 hours. Long freezing time is a guarantee of success. BPA-Free silicone design: The crystal clear ice maker sphere is made with BPA–free silicone, making it safe for use. The advanced silicone is non-toxic and makes it easy to pop the ice out of the clear ice molds.

Ice Ball Press

The Ice Ball Press transforms ice into perfect spheres with this aluminum ice ball maker and ice sphere mold. To use it you need to place a large ice cube into the center of the mold, and let gravity and the natural heat conducting properties of metal do the work.

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Ice Ball Press