4 cocktails for coffee lovers

Everyone loves coffee, and everyone like to drink, so why not drink something that tastes like coffee and has booze in it? Here are 4 of the best coffee cocktails you can make at home

1 - White Russian

The White Russian is a cocktail that everyone should know how to do it. That comes from the simple ingredients (vodka, coffee liqueur, and cream), that anyone has at home.

2 - Espresso Martini

Served in a cocktail's glass, the espresso martini is caffeinated alcoholic drink, but instead of being made like the classic martini with gin and vermouth, its ingredients are espresso, coffee liqueur (Kahlúa), simple syrup and vodka. Normally is used 3 coffee beans as garnish representing family, wealth and health.

3 - Classic Irish Coffee

The iconic Irish coffee was invented in the 1950’s by Joe Sheridan in Ireland. Its ingredients are Coffee, Irish whiskey, sugar and cream.

4 - Amaretto Coffee

The Amaretto Coffee is a perfect dessert after a heavy meal. This drink has a Carmel flavor of almond, vanilla, and citrus. This cocktails will make you fill like is just another day in Italy.