5 Best Cigar Cases in 2022

Cigar cases is the best way to protect your cigars and look stylish. I remember countless times I was in the club and took a Fat Cigar out of my cigar case into my mouth and everyone stoped what they were doing to appreciate the magnificent cigar I had.

1 - Best Price Cigar Case

The AMANCY Premium 3- Finger Brown Leather Cigar Case has a capacity of holding 3 cigars of max length 6.5 inches and up to ring gauge 52. It's inside is made with cedar wood and also includes a cutter.

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2 - Best carbon fiber case

The carbon fiber has a quite unique classy, elegant look that holds three 62 ring gauge cigars. This ultra-light cigar case is perfect for special occasions.

3- best travel case

If you smoke Cigars outside your house the travel case is a must have. We all now that one time when you put your lighter, cutter and cigar in the pocket and suddenly one of those has disappeared nothing can be more frustrating than that. The Travel case fixes all those problems holding them together without damaging your stogies. This one is made of high-quality crocodile Skin-Style Burgundy Leather, includes a cigar cutter and humidifier.

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TIME C Club cigar case

4 - Best High-capacity cigar case

Xikar Cigar Travel Carrying Case is a super-strong ABS molded plastic construction makes it airtight, watertight, and crushproof. Has the capacity of holding 40 cigars and includes 1 humidifier with magnet attachment.