5 best gifts for Whiskey lovers

Choosing the perfect gift sometimes can be a hard task, but one thing is for sure, if that person enjoys whiskey, this list of five accessories for whiskey lovers will help you to make the best decision.

1 - cocktail Smoker

Smoking your cocktails can be visually amazing and tasty, especially whiskey cocktails. There are different types of chips you can Smoke, like oak, maple wood or garnishes.

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Cocktail Smoker

2 - clear ice maker

Clear ice is not only used for making your drink look better and impress some friends. Clear ice allows for a slower rate of dilution. Making it perfect for whiskey.

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Clear Ice Maker

3- Whiskey Cocktail Kit

Bourbon lovers beware, this wood crate like corrugate box set has all the bar accessories, bitters and recipe cards to craft your favorite drinks like the classic Old Fashioned or Manhattan. This kit includes a Rocks Glass Set, a 750ml Crystal Mixing Glass, a Ice Cube Mold, a Stainless Bar Spoon Muddler, a Strainer, a Jigger, Garnish Picks, Bitters and Recipes Cards for Old Fashioned.

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Whiskey Cocktail Kit

4- The Experience Glass

The Experience Glass is the Official judging glass of major competitions since 2012, choice of professional judges, and serious taste makers. Made of Slovakian Finest lead-free crystalline. This glass displays all aromas for easy detection removing nose-numbing ethanol exposing true spirits quality.

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The Experience Glass

5- American Oak Barre

Due to the high proportion of liquid in contact with a mini barrel interior, spirits will mature up to 10x faster than large, commercial size barrels, giving a well-aged, top shelf tasting liquor in weeks rather than years.