4 advanced cigar accessories

1 - Cutters

How you cut your cigars and the different types of cutters can make the difference between having a good smoke or ruining your cigar and day. Cutters are an essential cigar tool, however if you want to be a real cigar aficionado there are a few different types of cutters you should have that will make your life easier.

- Guillotine

- Cigar scissors

- V-Cutter

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Straight Cutter

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Cigar Scissor

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2 - Cigar Stand

Smoking cigars can be time-consuming, especially when choosing bigger sizes, in those cases a cigar stand will be very helpful. Going to the bathroom or having yourself another drink sometimes can be extremely difficult to do with a cigar in your hand. This stand not only holds your cigar but also has a built-in Punch Cutter and Draw Tool enhancer prongs for Piercing.

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Cigar Stand

3 - Travel case

If you smoke Cigars outside your house the travel case is a must have. We all now that one time when you put your lighter, cutter and cigar in the pocket and suddenly one of those has disappeared nothing can be more frustrating than that. The Travel case fixes all those problems holding them together without damaging your stogies.

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Travel case

4 - Perfect Draw Tool

There's nothing worst than buying a brand-new perfect cigar, lighting it up, but when you puff the draw is too tight. The Perfect Draw Tool solves that problem by removing small bits of tobacco exactly where needed and pulls on the surrounding tightly packed tobacco to loosen the draw.

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Perfect Draw Tool