5 Famous people that smoke Cigars

When talking about people that smoke cigars some big names pop out. After all cigar are a symbol of class and luxury. So here are some of the century's most influential and popular figures.


The clear ice cuber maker machine produces 28 pounds of clear ice a day. After plugging in, the first batch of fresh clear ice takes up to 15 minutes to be produced.


This brave man used to smoke so many cigars a day that one of the biggest cigar size available is named after him. As Winston Churchill said “Smoking cigars is like falling in love. First, you are attracted by its shape; you stay for its flavor, and you must always remember never, never to let the flame go out!" So you can see that this man has a special place in his heart for cigars.


Michael Jordan has been smoking daily since 1993 as many as six cigars a day. In the Cigar Aficionado interview, Jordan said that his favorite cigar is Partagas Lusitania.


This brilliant actor and filmmaker whose career spanned more than 50 years. Started smoking stogies after going through half a pack of cigarets to calm his nerves, when he switched to cigars the job was more than fulfilled.

5 - Fidel Castro

Castro started smoking when he was only 15 years old he only gave up the habit in 1985 after 45 years. But in between that time you couldn't see him without a cigar in his hand and Cohiba was Fidel's brand of choice.