7 best Cigar Lighters from affordable to luxurious

When looking to buy a lighter for your Cigars there are a few choices you need to make. So here are 7 lighters from affordable to luxurious that will help you fit your needs.

1 - TOPKAY Torch Lighter

The TOPKAY Torch, is the classic cheap, plastic lighter. Very versatile and if you lose one its not a big deal. If you're looking for a simple, cheap lighter this will get the job done.

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TOPKAY Torch Lighter

2 - VQP Torch Metal Windproof

The VQP has triple windproof Adjustable flame with Cigar Punch. Its Slim Design makes it very versatile.

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VQP Torch Metal

3 - Xikar Turismo Double Jet Flame

Xikar Turismo has a Double torch flame protected by a flip-lid. Has a Over-Sized Fuel Tank and is Pocket-Friendly.

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Xikar Turismo

4 - Xikar Tactical Triple Jet Flame

The Xikar Tactical has a Powerful angled triple jet flame and an oversized adjustment wheel to fine-tune your desired flame height, made for maximum performance and precision.

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Xikar Tactical

5 - Colibri Quantum Triple Jet

The Colibri Quantum has a Triple Jet and a V Cigar Cutter, making this lighter very practical.

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colibri quantum

6 - S.T. Dupont Defi Extreme

The S.T. Dupont Defi Extreme has a Powerful single flame lighter, a viewing window that lets you know when to refuel and a modern compact design.

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ST Dupont defi

7 - S.T. Dupont D-016296 Ligne 2

S.T. Dupont D-016296 Ligne 2 is the holy grail of the lighters. Made with Black Lacquer and Palladium this is a premium and luxury item perfect for collectors or ballers

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ST Dupont