7 cocktail glasses you need at home

If you are a cocktail enthusiast or just like to enjoy some nice drinks here are 7 glasses you should definitely have at home.

1 - Martini glass

One of the all time favorite glass is the Martini or cocktail glass. And thats for a good reason, Bond... James Bond. Not only this piece of glass will make feel and look more classy but also confident. You can make from Cosmopolitans to Espresso Martini, you choose it.

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Martini glass

2 - Rocks glass

Ah... The notorious rocks glass, I don't think this needs an introduction. When you think of rocks glass, you think of old fashioned and I am not talking about style, I am talking about the cocktail. But there's a lot more you can do than whiskey cocktails. There's the White Russian, the Vodka Greyhound, the Mai Tai, you name it.

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Rocks glass

3 - Coupe glass

Also known as the Champagne Coupe this glass was originally developed for champagne but nowadays is used for a lot of cocktails like the Daiquiri, the Manhattan or the Aviation.

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Coupe glass

4 - Copper mug

The copper mug is known for being served with Moscow Mule. But there's a lot more to it. Aside from all the types of mules, like the Mexican Mule or the Irish mule, you can still make delicious cocktails like the Mint Julep or the Cuba Libre

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Copper Mug

5 - Margarita glass

The margarita glass is an alternative of the classic coupe glass. Famous for the refreshing blended fruit margaritas, the glass is also used for shrimp cocktails or delicious desserts. The tall stem helps to keep temperature nice and chilled.

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Margarita glass

6 - Highball/collins glasses

The Highball glass is known for staying colder for longer time after coming out of the freezer, and thats because of thick glass and tall glass. Some famous cocktails served on this glass are:

- Bloody Mary
- Mojito;
-Long Island Iced Tea;
-Tequila Sunrise;

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Highball glass

7 - Balloon Glass

The Balloon glass has a similar but wider shape than a wine glass. The wider bowl helps to collect the scents of your gin, thereby making it taste better. Also gives it space to put a lot of ice and garnishes.

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Balloon glass