7 must have beginner bar tools

1 - Jiggers

The jigger is a measuring tool used in almost every cocktail for adding liquor to the drink. A standard jigger is 1.5 oz. and 0.75 ounces on either side. This is one of the most essential tools for mixing cocktail, without it how would you be suppose to measure the portions of liqueur for the drink.

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2 - Shaker

The Shaker has two purposes mixing and cooling the drink. This is a very important task not only looks cool, but because is in almost every cocktails recipes.

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3 - Fine Mesh Strainer

A Fine Mesh Strainer is used for straining shaken or stirred drinks, so it looks clean and smooth, also keeps small ice chips and pulp from citrus out.

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fine mesh strainer

4 - Ice Tongs

The ice Tongs are essential for hygienic purposes. In some bars they are legally required.

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Ice Tongs

5 - Muddler

A muddler is used for crushing fruit and sugar in cocktails, like a mojito or old-fashioned. There are different types of muddlers you can choose wood, metal with a rubber end or a plastic muddler.

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6 - Strainer

A Strainer is used for keeping the ice in the shaker while letting the drink pass through. Don't underestimate the importance of this tool, this is a must have on your home.

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7 - Citrus press

This tool will make your life so much easier by squeezing fresh juice out if citrus. Its easy to use, clean and cheap.

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