7 must have advanced bar tools

If you are a cocktail enthusiast and want to upgrade your drink making level. Here are 7 must have advanced bar tools.

1 - cocktail Smoker

Smoking your cocktails can be visually amazing and tasty. There are different types of chips you can Smoke, like oak or maple wood.

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Cocktail Smoker

2 - clear ice maker

Clear ice is not only used for making your drink look better and impress some friends. Clear ice allows for a slower rate of dilution. Making it perfect for whiskey.

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Clear Ice Maker

3 - Lewis Bag & Mallet

The Lewis Bag and the Ice Mallet is used for crushing ice for cocktails and other icy drinks.

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Lewis Bag and Mallet

4 - Julep Strainer

Julep strainer which was first created for julep cocktails to hold the crushed ice and mint in place. Now it is used for mixed drinks to keep the ice out of the glass.

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Julep Strainer

5 - Channel knife

The channel knife is perfect for making twist and long garnishes.

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Channel Knife

6 - Cocktail Atomizer

The Cocktail Atomizer is used with bitters, flavor extracts and liquor. Make cocktail recipes beyond just the classic martini. Use to spray a mist of Scotch over an old fashioned cocktail for a hint of smoke, or fill the martini mister with absinthe for an herbal kick.

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Cocktail Atomizer

7 - Steel Picks

Steel Picks are great for all types of garnishes such as olives, cherries, pineapple, oranges, and other fruits. Instantly upgrades all of your cocktails and martinis into a sophisticated, classy, and professional look.

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