Best smoke gun for cocktails

Smoking your cocktails can be visually amazing and tasty, especially whiskey cocktails. There are different types of chips you can Smoke, like oak, maple wood or garnishes. ​

Best budget smoke gun

The TMKEFFC Smoking Gun IV is a compact, affordable, easy-to-use cocktail or food smoker. The battery is powered by 4 AA batteries for use anywhere. To preserve its durability and life, frequently clean the burn chamber.

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Best design smoke gun

This cocktail smoker from Gramercy Kitchen Company is engineered to be the perfect size for smoking your meals and drinks with cool indoor smoke, transforming your cocktail mixing skills. Includes a downloadable recipe guide filled with tips & recipes for smoking the best craft cocktail or scotch, sous vide meats, and appetizer spreads.

Best smoke gun kit

The Universal Set includes everything you need to have the best-smoked cocktails. You get a Smoking Gun, flexible hose, Disk Lid, Smoking Lid, Tall Cocktail Lid, 7 flavors Wood Chips, 4 x AA Batteries, 20 extra Mesh, Cleaning Brush. A flexible hose and specially designed nozzle make this Smoking Gun a versatile all-purpose Food Smoker. Ready to use out of the box. This set has one button with two smoking speeds for heavy and moderate smoking.

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best portable gun smoker

The Professional Cocktail Smoker from CREATIVECHEF is high quality and extremely portable. The cocktail smoker contains a 4.7" tall smoker, an 11" tall cocktail glass dome, a cocktail shaker lid, a packet of wood chips, a plastic hose, a nozzle, a plastic cleaning brush, a cross-shaped screwdriver, two strainers and an instruction manual.