How to cut a cigar without a cutter

We all know that time when we check our pockets 10 times, knowing we forgot the cutter in home. It's painful, but don't lose your hope there is a few different ways to cut a cigar whiteout a cutter.

Bitte it

Bitting is an old-school way to cut your cigar that has been around for decades. Bite down lightly on the cap to separate part of it from the cigar. When doing this process be prepared to have slivers of tobacco in your mouth.


Using your thumbnail is one of the easiest methods to cut your cigar without a cutter. The way of doing this is by loosen a section of the cap, with your thumbnail, and continue around its circumference. Then you should be able to peel it off. Notice, when doing this method be gentle, you don't want to ruin the wrapper leaf.

poke it

You can poke the head of the cigar with almost any sharp tool, like a wooden matchstick or a small screwdriver. Whatever you choose to use make sure not to make the hole too deep. When penetrating the cap apply slight pressure making a small hole to open up the draw. Repeat this process until you have a perfect draw.