How to make an old fashioned

The Old Fashioned is one of the most popular cocktails of all time. The simple ingredients (bourbon, sugar, Angostura bitters, and Orange peel) makes it an easy recipe that anyone can do at home.


Dating back to the 19th century, the Old Fashioned is one of the oldest recorded in the history of cocktails, developed around 1860.

Originally was known as whiskey cocktail, and this first versions of the old fashioned were more popular being made with rye than Bourbon.

There's uncertainty about who invented this cocktail, The Pendennis Club, a gentlemen's club founded in 1881 in Kentucky, says that the old-fashioned cocktail was invented there.


Bourbon or rye whisky

Angostura bitters

Orange peel

Sugar cube



First grab a Rocks glass (also known as old fashioned glass).

Add four dashes of Angostura bitters on one sugar cube, then muddle it with 1 tea spoon of water.

Add 2 ounces of bourbon or rye whiskey.

Add a large ice cube and stir.

Squeeze and twist an orange peel over the drink so it releases the oils.

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