How to smoke a Cigar

Smoking your first cigar can be a bit confusing. But don't worry here at Lounge 87 we make it pretty simple to understand and to enjoy the whole process of smoking Cigars.

Cutting your cigar

Cutting your cigar is one of the most crucial steps. If this is not properly done, the wrapper leaf will start to open up and you’ll end up with a mouth full tobacco, and a ruined stogie.

When cutting your cigar you want to have a sharp cutter. And you should aim for the first cap of the cigar. Remember not to cut to far

Lighting your cigar

When lighting your cigar you want to put the flames of the lighter or matches near the leafs of the cigar but not touching it. Rotating the the cigar is good for making sure that distributes the heat evenly. One thing to look after is not to burn it too much, it will ruin the flavor of the stogie.

Smoking the cigar

The pleasure of smoking cigars comes from having the smoke in the mouth, not in the lungs. So don't inhale it, leave it in your mouth and wait a few seconds, and then slowly blow it away. You should do only few puffs per minute. Personally I like to smoke while drinking whiskey or coffee, depending on which time it is. Water is not a bad idea if you are a beginner it will make you hydrated and prevent cigar nausea.

how to ash

Having some ash on the cigar is actually a good thing. The ash protects the cigar from over-heating. When you think that it is enough ash tap it gently against the ashtray, and it will fall perfectly.

When you have finish your cigar don't smash it against the ashtray, that will leave a very intense and unpleasant smell. Instead leave it in the ashtray and it will go out by itself.

Now you are ready to smoke your first Cigar!